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Thursday, October 14, 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Duelfer to France: J'accuse!: "owerful officials and their profiteering friends in France had a reason to try to stop the U.S. from overthrowing Saddam Hussein: they were pocketing billions in payoffs through a United Nations oil-for-food front.
That's the import of the Duelfer report. This nonpartisan investigation team found not only documents 'giving economic favors to key French diplomats or individuals that have access to key French leaders,' but also got Saddam's mouthpiece, Tariq Aziz, to sing about their purpose: 'According to Aziz, both parties understood that resale of the oil was to be reciprocated through efforts to lift U.N. sanctions, or through opposition to American initiatives within the Security Council.'"
And these are the guys that we must get approval from to defend our nation, according to the Kerry foreign policy. France, in the pay of Saddam Hussein, is the major reason why certain nations such as Turkey did not support this Gulf War like they did the last one, because Turkey wants dearly to get into the EU, and they were afraid to go against France.

I hope and pray that the American people in November will send a strong message to all the Franco-philes like Kerry and Eastern liberals like Ted Kennedy and the rest of that crowd of appeasers and pseudo-humanists, who don't have enough love for America and her interests to put them above their effete love for the French and other anti-semites, a strong message that America knows who her friends are and that the war on terror and the nations who support them will continue until it is won.

FDR didn't seek to reduce fascism and nazism to a tolerable level of "nuisance" in WWII. Nor did Reagan have that has his goal in regard to the Evil Empire. Both knew that winning was possible and desirable, because they knew right from wrong. Kerry and his crowd don't know right from wrong and are embarrassed for those who do.

Kerry is a snake-oil salesman. He will say anything and do anything to make the sale. He doesn't care that he has no cure for anything. He just wants America to accept the deal on faith.

May God bless America and protect her from her enemies and the enemies of liberty and decency both at home and abroad. Amen.
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