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Sunday, October 10, 2004

OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "It should be an easy choice. The American left once displayed a real concern for poor people, but today they exhibit merely a morbid envy of the rich. Once they supported American engagement in the world. Today, they retreat to a timorous parochialism. Now it is President Bush who shows compassion for the world's poor and confidence rather than timidity before the forces of global capitalism. It is Mr. Bush who is embracing Asian dynamism rather than Eurosclerosis. For America, that is the winning side. "
This article by George Gilder is a thoughtful and important one. It shows that modern liberalism has become reactionary and protective of the status quo. It will be left behind, but like the USSR retained until the end a capacity for doing much damage to the world, so left wing liberalism in the US retains the capacity to do much damage to the people of America and the world. Someday, and we hope very soon, the people of America will realize the disaster the Kerry campaign is to the future of America. People will scratch their heads and say, "Was he serious?" The answer, of course, is "Of course not." Modern liberals are serious about only one thing: "We are smarter than you and deserve the right to have power. Don't be a dummy. We will rather cut the baby in two and destroy everything in sight rather than let you have it."
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