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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

New York Post Online Edition: postopinion: "October 12, 2004 -- CONSERVATIVES are up in arms about the memo written by the chief pol itics producer at ABC News, which leaked out on Friday. They shouldn't be. Mark Halperin's memo is very useful: It reveals as no other document ever has the existence of a deeply ingrained double standard in the way political news is reported in the United States. "
Just listen to the nightly news and you will see it clearly if you will just be aware of one thing. For instance, in last night's news:

1. There was a report on an attack on Kerry by Bush. What it was doesn't matter for my point.
2. There was a rebuttal to the Bush attack by the news reporter. Not a quotation from some Kerry supporter, but a rebuttal which was passed off as reporting.
3. There was a report of an attack on Bush by Kerry.

What is missing here? There was no rebuttal of the Kerry charge. Not even a quotation from some Bush supporter. This happens over and over again.

I happened to be watching CBS, which I seldom do, but it could have been NBC, ABC, CNN--there is a tiresome monotony in it. That's the reason I do not watch the news on the major networks. It isn't news at all; just campaigning for the Kerry presidency.

Just be aware. It is so obviously and blatantly biased that you wonder if the Democratic National Committee is passing out talking points. Then you hear this from Halperin and you remember Dan Rather.

And they claim talk radio is biased. At least now two of the networks have had their cover removed. All we need now is warning labels on the networks similar to what they put on cigarettes: "Warning; this newscast originated in the Democratic National Committee and has nothing to do with the news."
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