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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Why are the liberal belly-aching about high gas prices, when they have been complaining for years about too-low prices? They have wanted higher prices in order to decrease consumption so that the environment will be spared. So why the gripe?

Because the high prices are the result of a shortage of supply due to increased consumption. This is not the kind of high prices that the liberals want. They always want power--and whatever the problem that they pretend to want to solve is for the ultimate purpose of increasing liberal power--it is never about solving the problem. They do not want the problem solved, for if the problem were solved, they would no longer have an excuse for holding on to their power.

Therefore, they do not want to have high prices come about because of market pressure--no, they want high prices through taxes. This will increase the flow of money to government and increase the power of government, the liberal ultimate goal, always.

Just keep your eye on the money and the power. This is the key to liberalism: less money and power to the people; more money and power to the government. It is really very simple.
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