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Friday, January 16, 2004


[Speech Delivered by Senator Edward M. Kennedy To the Center for American Progress At The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.]

"Nowhere is the danger to our country and to our founding ideals more evident than in the decision to go to war in Iraq. Former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill has now revealed what many of us have long suspected. Despite protestations to the contrary, the President and his senior aides began the march to war in Iraq in the earliest days of the Administration, long before the terrorists struck this nation on 9/11. "

Am I appalled if I learn that Bush etal entered the White House aware that something had to be done about Iraq? Of course not. That would just confirm that America had made a right a proper choice in the man lawfully elected as President in 2000. Clinton claimed that he knew about the danger from Osama and Hussein, but did nothing. I would expect Bush to have some knowledge about what to do.

The libs can't have it both ways. They can't accuse Bush of not having a plan, and then condemn him for having one. But the buzzards flock to where the carcass is. Liberalism has been dying for decades, and it is time to have a funeral.

Kennedy and his liberal pals have no plan. All they can do is carp, carp, gripe, gripe, about those who do, and those who have the manhood to carry it out. Manhood doesn't mean how many girls you can bed and how well you hold your booze.

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