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Thursday, January 15, 2004

The American Flag and the Devil flag [?] are morally equivilent in politically correct and New Age America. Hence, both are banned. This is called integration into the void, where there are no values, no discernment, no values, and no ability to make decisions. If all religions are of equal value, then none is of equal value, for there will always be someone who will worship a can of peas, if for no other reason than to mock genuine faith. - News - Fla. Couple Told To Remove Flag From Window: "Susan Hudson and her boyfriend, A.J. Hemsey, who have been flying the flag in a bedroom window for more than a year, consider themselves 'ultra' patriots.
'I'm an American, and I will not be bullied in my own country,' Hemsey said.
But property manager Mary Jane Fullam said the flag violates community rules encouraging uniformity. The complex insists that the flag must be removed or hidden behind the white window blinds so passers-by don't see it when they enter the property.
'That's why we give them the blinds,' Fullam said. 'If we let them hang their flag, then someone else could say, 'Hey, the people at 6107 have a flag. I worship the devil, so I should be able to fly my devil flag.''"
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