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Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Following up on the last story, the lawyers of the very wealthy and powerful Kobe Bryant are now attacking Colorado's rape shield law so they can destroy Kobe's accuser, with whom he commited adultery at least, and is now desiring to escape the consequences of his actions. Poor Kobe. Why can't sports idols go and do as they please? Why shouldn't they be able to do what they please with what ever girls or boys happen to come into their way? These adult babies have been petted and praised and put on the fast track since they were small because their physical ability is a gold mine, not only for them but for professional sports, sportscasters, advertizers, sportswear, book deals, etc. Why should a poor girl get in their way, especially one with a history of mental illness? Shouldn't Kobe be able to satisfy his lust on her without consequences? Why, should the state of Colorado get in the way of him and the parasites that feed on him? Why should a small podunky Colorado town and prosecutor get in their way? Brush it all aside and get on with life and its corrupt pleasures.

Corrupt the law or whatever it takes, so that spoiled rich babies can do what they please. This the American way, isn't it? The rich in France before the French Revolution were not any more corrupt or more serious about having their own way and exploiting the weak for their advantage.

Where are the Fem Libs who descend like vultures upon rich men who exploit poor girls. [Oh, yes. I forgot. They have no credibility after their cave-in on Bill Clinton. But then, when DID they have credibility? I guess it's money and power, after all, and no clear sense of purpose or morality that drives them. Have you noticed how quiet they have been since Bill Clinton affirmed the Kennedy lifestyle and show that it was ok for powerful liberal males to do what they please with young, starry-eyed liberal girls. But you conservatives, don't try it at home.]

The advantage that the US has is our laws and constitution, but we must be ever vigilant. If we are not careful and strong, constitutional liberties will mean that the rich can do whatever they want, whenever they want, to whomever they want. Don't think it cannot happen. Everybody talkin' about heaven ain't a-goin' there.
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