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Sunday, January 11, 2004

Excite - News: "'Examples from the most recent Vatican document show all too clearly the demonization of these children of God, referring to homosexuality as a 'troubling moral and social phenomenon,' 'a serious depravity,'' said the letter dated Dec. 19.
'The language was so awful and so disrespectful and insulting to people,' Rev. Richard Prendergast, one of two priests who drafted the letter, told Reuters of the Vatican doctrine."

The goal is not legalization but acceptance. There will be penalties, civil and religious, against anyone who indicates in the slightest way that sodomy is sinful behavior. The true children of God are those who are born of the Spirit, not those who are born of the flesh. Creation does not make you a child of God anymore than it makes a mole or a chigger a child of God. Sodomy is war against the image of God. Gay Pride parades do not consitute moral regeneration.
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