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Thursday, January 15, 2004

Karl Rove's Nightmare ( "Karl Rove had a bad moment here the other night. It came as Wesley Clark was speaking to a packed hotel ballroom, when the retired general derided the president of the United States for what was supposed to be his supreme, cinematic moment: landing on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln. 'I don't think it's patriotic to dress up in a flight suit and prance around,' Clark bellowed. The men had been separated from the boys. "

Wishful thinking, Cohen. Clark has been all over the place and has the credibility of a lying schoolboy. He isn't the MAN to take on Bush, nor does he have credibility with the military. Besides, he is Bill and Hilary's puppet, hardly a credential for a man's man in the military. I think its panic time for liberals, or we wouldn't see these kinds of articles.
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