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Tuesday, January 13, 2004 - Foxlife - Fox411 - Jacko: Bailed Out of Financial Mess by Friends: "I am told that a $70 million payment that was due on Jackson's $350 million Bank of America loan was recently paid -- not by Jackson, but by a group of friends and advisers who saved him from financial disaster. The payment was due on Feb. 17 and has already been made by Jackson stalwarts Al Malnik, a Miami lawyer, and Charles Koppleman, a long-time respected figure in the record business. Both of them attended the Monday summit of the Jackson inner circle at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "

Chesterson wrote that the greatest threat to Christian morality would come from the very wealthy who are determined to do whatsoever they want whenever and however.

They will support each other, go to bat for each other, corrupt laws, courts, and political processes in order to get their own way and be free from any consequences of their actions.
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