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Friday, January 16, 2004

Anti-War Candidate? Wesley Clark: What Must Be Done to Complete a Great Victory: "Germany has already swung round from opposition to the war to approval. France will look for a way to bridge the chasm of understanding that has ripped at the EU. Russia will have to craft a new way forward, detouring away, at least temporarily, from the reflexive anti-Americanism which infects the power ministries. And North Korea will shudder, for it has seen on display an even more awesome display of power than it anticipated, and yet it will remain resolute in seeking leverage to assure its own regime's survival. And what it produces, it sells. "

In less than one year, Wesley Clark stands condemned, either as a fawning liar in 2003 or as an opportunistic liar in 2004. Either way, the man does not deserve to be President. The present situation in the world, vis a vis terror, is partly due to another opportunistic liar. We do not need a surrogate for him.

Is Clark now trying to stiffen the opposition of Germany, France, Russia, and North Korea against US policy against terror for his own political ambitions, or the ambitions of Hilary? What web of deceit is this? But it shan't work.
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