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Wednesday, October 06, 2004 : Meeting Was Not First for Cheney, Edwards: "Vice President Dick Cheney said Tuesday night that the debate with Democratic Sen. John Edwards marked the first time they had met. In fact, the two had met at least three times previously. "
Howcome? Howcome AP can get this story out overnight, but the report on Rathergate must wait until after the election. Does AP have fewer scruples about influencing an election? The hypcrisy of the mainstream is amazing.

What about Soros? There's a story for you. How spoiled rich men would buy an election and transform America into a playground for their lusts. Write that one, AP, and quit playing school yard games.

Yes. This is the real big story. Not Edward's absences. You can be sure that AP and the other totalitarian media will cast an eagle eye on everything Bush and Cheney say. Have they scrutinized the outrageous lies that Edwards made about Halliburton? Nope, and they won't.

The two times that AP says they met were NOT, I repeat NOT, at the US Senate, which was exactly the point Cheney was making.

The major media has simply become an outlet for the Democratic National Convention. Sort of a Democratic bulletin board. Swift response to every Republican point--complete silence on outrageous lies from the Democrats, unless they are dragged kicking and screaming like Dan Rather.
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