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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Terence Jeffrey: True words from John Kerry: "After his largely stylistic victory in the presidential debate on foreign policy, John Kerry inadvertently reminded Americans of an imminent domestic threat to our system of government.

"According to the Chicago Tribune, a pumped up Kerry told a post-debate rally in Miami: 'I'll tell you, if you just needed three words of motivation, you want 'em? The -- Supreme -- Court.'

"Truer words were never spoken. The issue of the Supreme Court ought to drive everyone who believes this nation ought to be governed by the Constitution as it was written and ratified to go to the polls Nov. 2 -- to defeat John Kerry."
Kerry would be a disaster to the United States. He would put our defense of the United States into the hands of "Global" consensus, France, China, North Korea, and Russia and Germany. That's the first thing. The second thing is every bit as serious: the Supreme Court justices. The court will be remade in the next four to eight years. It will take us a generation to recover our Constitution from Kerry liberal anti-constitutionalism. Abortion is not the only issue here; the worst thing will be submission of our laws and constitution to the United Nations. Not only will Kerry put our defense into the hands of the United Nations, he will also put our law into the hands of the World Court. World law will rule American Constitutionalism. If we survive the war on terror, we will not survive the war on our laws and constitutionalism.

This election is the most important in three-quarters of a century. Get out and vote; get your friends out.
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