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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Roger L. Simon: The Subject About Which Kerry Dare Not Ever Speak: "No, it's not gay marriage or tax hikes, it is the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program because it is that scandal at the heart of our most prominent international institution, more than anything I can think of, that makes Kerry's continuing mantra of 'consulting with our allies' into a complete and utter farce. Even what we know of Oil-for-Food right now... and there's undoubtedly a lot more to come... shows us that these same allies - notably the French, Russians and to a lesser extent the Germans - were, throughout the run-up to the War in Iraq, nothing but profiteers off Saddam. They were and to a great extent still are, as Orwell put it in an only slightly different context,'objectively pro-fascist.'"
Read this article, and spread the word as far as possible before election day. The UN is a farce, and worse than a farce--it is a positive evil and the source of evil in the world. It makes success impossible. It is like a cockroach--it is not what it eats that is the problem; it is what it falls in and messes up. We need a new set of alliances: those committed to liberty and the halt of terror and neo-fascism, which is another name for godless, secular humanism.
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