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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Yahoo! News - Brokaw, Jennings Show Support for Rather: "NEW YORK - While acknowledging mistakes in CBS anchor Dan Rather's '60 Minutes' report that questioned President Bush (news - web sites)'s service in the National Guard, competing news anchors Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings offered support Saturday for the beleaguered newsman.

"Brokaw blasted what he called an attempt to 'demonize' CBS and Rather on the Internet, where complaints about the report first surfaced. He said the criticism 'goes well beyond any factual information.'

"'What I think is highly inappropriate is what going on across the Internet, a kind of political jihad ... that is quite outrageous,' the NBC anchor said at a panel on which all three men spoke. "
Well, of course. These cats have been doing the same things for years. Rather was just careless and got caught. If anyone things the major talking heads are not biased against Christianity and conservatism, they need to lift their heads up and get some fresh air. The jihad of Rather, Brokaw and Jennings against Republicans and conservatism is completely appropriate, of course. If I do it it is right; if you do it it is wrong. Thus, immanent ethical systems.
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