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Friday, October 08, 2004

The New Republic Online: Past Imperfect: "There's a grain of truth here: Kerry doesn't have any brilliant ideas for saving Iraq. But there's an even greater irony: The reason he doesn't is because the Bush administration has dug such a deep hole that, at this point, even Bismarck, Clausewitz, and Sun Tzu couldn't produce a four-point plan to turn Iraq into a beacon for the Middle East."
Isn't this delicious? Old Dumb Dubya is such a goof that even a man as smart as Kerry is controlled by him. I guess the left is really intellectually bankrupt when Republicans are the cause of leftist vacuity. Translation: 'I'm dumb because you are dumber.' or 'This dumb Christian from Texas stole the election in 2000, and he outwitted all the really bright French and all the really bright thugs in the UN, and has left us without intellectual resources. Can you imagine anyone as stupid as this?"
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