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Sunday, October 03, 2004 Inside Cover Story: "Disgraced CBS newsman Dan Rather accused the White House on Saturday of trying to 'smear' him after he used forged documents in a bid to discredit President Bush's National Guard record."
Reminds me of the little boy: "Mommy, it all started with Billy hit me back."

This is the liberal attack of last resort: accuse your enemy of doing what you got caught doing. I don't think the White House has used any forged documents to try to destroy Dan Rather. But this is pure, unadulterated liberal wickedness. Liberal racism accuses their enemies of being racist, although conservatives are trying to get minorities off the liberal plantation. Liberals who daily transgress the Ten Commandments erect a new standard of morality [environmentalism, abortion, queer rights, etc], and then accuse their opponents of immorality. You use forged documents to try to corrupt the electoral process and Kerry water for the Democratic campaign, get caught, and accuse the President whom you hate of being out to get you. Amazing, ain't it?

Rather has taken a page out of Hilary's playbook: "Massive right wing conspiracy." Come on, Dan. You are hoist with your own petard.
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