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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

But, but, but.... Why does the United States think that it is ok for us to have nuclear weapons, and wrong for Iran and North Korea to have such weapons?

Answer: Why do we put Charles Manson in jail and allow Bud Powell to go free? Because Charles Manson has shown that he has no self-restraint and morality to be trusted with liberty. America did not object to England or even France becoming nuclear powers, but it is a problem when China and North Korea, because they do not treat their own people as the images of God, so how can they be expected to treat other nations with respect.

We turned our eyes away when Pakistan because nuclear, as a reward for their help against the old USSR's aggression in Afghanistan. We may pay for that dearly some day. On the other hand, the USSR was a present, known evil empire, and it was not foreseen that radical Islam would become such a threat.

We must not succumb to moral equivalency. Any one who would equate the policies of the United States, imperfect though they be, with the declared policies of nations like North Korea, Iran, and Saddam's Iraq simply has lost the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. Bud Powell is a sinner; Charles Manson is a sinner. The first does not belong in jail; the latter one certainly does.

George W. Bush is not Adolph Hitler. Anyone who says so is a fool and a liar.
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