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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Dennis Prager: Why I was evicted from a Miami hotel: "Of course, I knew they would refuse my offer. Threats of lawsuits now determine much of how Americans and their institutions behave. It is close to impossible to overstate the damage trial lawyers and litigious Americans have done to this country -- not only in terms of the money lost, but even worse, in terms of the moral character lost.
The Gang of Four -- trial lawyers, handpicked jurors, fortune-seeking litigants and like-minded judges (themselves often former trial lawyers) -- have created an environment of mistrust that blankets our society."
My theory. Because women get to vote and hold office, government has become much more maternal and protective. That translates into more meddling in private matters and lashing out at those who will 'hurt' the children. This results in more liability shark lawyers like John Edwards who will get rich using junk science so that they can run for vice president, while attacking companies like Haliburton. It is time for real men to take charge of government as God intended it and ordained it. Mama should take care of the kids and get out of politics. This is written with only a tiny bit of my tongue in my cheek.
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